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No Bones About It©
Discover how our bones & bodies work!

My Planet, My Home©
Learn about our incredible planet. Discover how to take care of our planet, explore recycling, and make a pollen catcher to keep!

Food for Thought©
Learn all about food. Discover how what we eat turns to energy. Find out about how to make healthy choices.

Out of Sight Light©
Discover what light is. Have fun as we explore shadows. Make a magnifier to keep!

Gold Rush©
Step back into the days of the Gold Rush. Pan for real gems like the old prospectors did, and keep what you find!

Moovin' & Groovin'©
Have fun as we discover motion. Make water run down a string. Build your own moving machine. Catch the groove as we make a balance machine to keep.

Shoot for the Stars©
Discover the incredible night sky. Explore the constellations and even make your very own. Discover shooting stars and build your own stargazer to keep.

Leaf Me Alone©
Discover how cool plants are. Build your own greenhouse to keep. Make chlorophyll separate and more!

It's a Fine Time©
Learn all about time. Discover how we can tell time by the sun. Make your own timer to keep!

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