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High Touch High Tech provides all equipment and materials in this supply intensive, educational experience. We offer fun and educational 50-75-minute, hands-on, interactive in-school "field trips." Students receive take home experiments and certificates of program completion. Our fee is $7.00 per student and made be paid by parents (as they would for a regular, out-of-school field trip), outside grants, school board, PTA/PTO boosters and student fundraisers.

High Touch High Tech programs address Next Generation Science Standards as well as enhance the preparedness for the STAAR assessment.

What Children Say About Their "In-School" Field Trip!
The most frequently heard testimonials from the children are "This was the BEST field trip ever!" or "I'm going to be a scientist just like you!" Parents and teachers will all agree that the children will talk about their High Touch High Tech science experience for years to come!

High Touch High Tech scientists are compliant with the guidelines for fingerprinting and background checks.
Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

Elementary Programs

Beauty and the Yeast©
There's a fungus among us! Step back in time to the days of Louis Pasteur. Learn about germs, mold, yeast, and more. Discover a whole world you cannot see. Make your own bread! See all the cool little critters that grow on you!

Heat EnerGee and Me©
Conduction, convection and radiation are the hot topics! Capture solar energy with ultraviolet beads and watch light spin out of control! Discover what temperature really means!

Find out how much fun chemistry can be! Build your own chromatography chamber and watch the colors separate before your very eyes. Make you own silly putty and gummy bears as we learn REAL chemistry!

"Fantastic! All experiments were very informative and interesting. The students learned more and reinforced knowledge they already had!"
Silly Cells©
Mrs. Wanda Jernigan, Fifth Grade Teacher, Elm Grove Elementary, Kingwood, TX

Step into the world of Geology. Learn about gems, rocks and minerals and where they came from. Uncover the mysteries of rock formation and crystalline structure. Pan for real gems and keep what you find. Perform acid tests and more as we classify our gems. Find out why these gems are so precious!

Get Buggy©
Discover the incredible world of bugs. Find out all the cool and creepy things bugs do. Design your own bug, see through the eyes of bugs, make your own beehive and more. Discover how bugs help the world.

Fossil Fun©
Step back in time to the age of dinosaurs. Become a paleontologist as we dig for real fossils and dinosaur bones. Uncover the mysteries of the dinosaurs. Find your very own fossil!

"Your program really builds excitement and facilitates understanding for a specific area of scientific study."
Silly Cells©
Mrs. Lynette Busceme, Science Coordinator, Humble Independent School District

Let's Make Sense©
Have fun as we make sense out of our senses. Explore our five senses, 1 sense at a time. Discover how much we rely on our senses.

Magnet Maker©
Discover the properties of magnetism. Have FUN as we uncover all the "attractive" facts. Make your very own compass and much more.

Silly Cells©
Discover the amazing world of biology. Experience osmosis and make your very own cell! Become a geneticist and extract REAL DNA! Get ready to send in the clones!

"Kept the students involved and on task. High interest, hands-on activities, worked great!"
Edison's Workshop©
Shirley Willingham, Third Grade Teacher, Raymond Academy for Engineering, Houston, TX

Edison's Workshop©
Explore the amazing world of electricity. Learn what's "current" as you make your very own electroscope and much more! Ring doorbells and light up light bulbs. Discover all the electrifying facts!

Sounds Like Fun©
Catch the vibes as we learn about sound. Discover how sounds travels through different media and learn about wave motion. Build your very own ear drum. Make salt dance and water fly!

Reaction Attraction©
This is the coolest attraction in town! Have FUN as we discover the world of chemistry. Get the solution in this fast-paced program on physical and chemical changes! Explore indicators and make your very own polymer to keep!

"I have the need for more of the same!"
Weather or Not©
Mrs. Lauren Rulli, Second Grade Teacher- True Cross School, Dickinson, TX

Up, Up and Away©
Learn about aerodynamics and what makes things fly. Learn about lift and drag as we use blimps and balloons. Launch a rocket and calculate altitude, make a helicopter and discover why what goes up must come down.

Weather or Not©
Learn about weather and watch air move as you discover all the amazing properties of air pressure. Go "ice fishing" and find out about changing conditions!

What's the Matter©
Have FUN as we explore solids, liquids, and gases one state at a time. Discover for yourself how to weigh air! Take home your very own density bag!

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

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* $7 per student.
* Minimum booking fees may apply.
* Reservations are required and must be accompanied by a $75 non-refundable deposit to hold your field trip space.
* Group rates available for schools doing an entire school booking.
* Teacher resources are provided.
* Take home experiment and/or science certificate provded.
* Travel fee of $20 may be applied to programming. Ask for details.

"A very hands-on curriculum related workshop, that was enjoyable and interactive."
Boundary Park- Grade 4 Teacher

To register please fill out an online reservation form or call us at 281.448.9919.

Science Programs for Kids


Join in experimentation that challenges student problem solving skills!

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