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Sizzlin Science Summer Camp 2013 by High Touch High Tech of Greater Houston has arrived. While our programs offer extreme hands-on science FUN, they also stimulate creativity through learning.

2013 Summer Program Brochure

Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!

Preschool and camp Directors! 2013 Summer Programs for Schools, Camps and Preschools in Greater Houston area.

High Touch High Tech offers fun and educational hands-on science programs! All workshops are geared for preschool through secondary students.

High Touch comes to your location and provides all lab materials. Our trained & background checked scientist can accommodate as many back to back programs as necessary to meet the needs of your school. Scientists will engage each group of children in non-stop, hands-on FUN learning. Programs include take home materials and each child will receive a science certificate.

The cost of this science and nature experience is $4.00 per child (minimum applies.) All materials are included in this supply intensive, educational and fun experience. Book your choice of programs, or all 9 weeks for a discount!

Call 281.448.9919 for your reservation or visit for online reservation forms. Visa/MC accepted.

Space Olympics©
Learn about space and gravity. Hop on a spinning gyroscope and participate in a lunar jump. Make your own space mud, eat astronaut ice cream and stand by for a real rocket launch!

Rock & Roll©
Discover the wonderful world of rocks. Pan for gems, become a real geologist as you classify your rocks. Take home an assortment of real beauties, maybe even gold!

Join us on a wacky adventure through all kinds of cool and crazy chemical reactions. Explore compressed sponges, make monster foam adn silly, slimy putty to keep!

Mystery Science & Potions©
Ready to create your own secret potions? Discover how mysterious science can be. Watch water change colors and back to clear. Make something disappear, discover polymers and more!

Flour Power ©
Take off on our high energy adventure into the world of natural and chemical gasses. Discover how yeast is made. Explode a Mentos geyser and make your own pretzel to take home!

Dino Discoveries©
Explore the fun world of paleontology as your class becomes paleontogogists for the day. Look at real rossils from long ago! Excavate fossils and uncover dinosaur eggs!

Light Fever©
Pull out your psychedelic glasses to meet ROY G BIV. Learn the groovy news about light and how it travels. Develop your own Solar Picture!

Disaster! Disaster!©
Get ready for a disaster like you've never seen before. Erupt volcanoes and make a twirling hurricane. Find out the reason why these events happen.

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

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