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In-school "Field Trips"

Turn Your After School Students ON To Science!

Our 30-60-minute, hands-on, participatory programs are designed for students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

All materials are included in this supply-intensive, educational and FUN experience!


$4.00 per student for 30-minute sessions, $150 per day minimum

$7.00 per Student for 60-minute sessions, $150 per day minimum
Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!

After School Programs

Nuts for Newton – Learn the cool facts about gravity and ride a gyroscope!

Sensible Senses – Find out how your 5 senses work and why they are all so important!

Silly Cells – Make a cell you can eat and uncover the mysteries behind DNA!

Matter Matters – Get the scoop on the states of matter and make your very own density bag!

Oceans in Motion – Get all the blubbery facts about staying warm and make a beach-in-a-bag!

Fun Fossils – Check out some real fossils and become a paleontologist as you go on your own personal dig!

Weather Works – Find out what suction cups and hair-raising experiences have to do with the weather!

Light it Up – Bend, spread, and bounce light and see how it can play tricks on your eyes!

...and more!
Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!

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